Over the Top Ministry Targets Young People

RIDGWAY – Plans have been in the making some time now for an over the top, cutting edge outreach facility. The outreach appropriately named “The RIVER in Ridgway” joins in an emerging new trend to reach our nations young people with a high impact contemporary Biblical message.

A newly remodeled factory building located at 20 Gillis Avenue in Ridgway will serve as the venue for the new facility.

Using an oversized stage, backdrops and controlled booth lighting, the atmosphere may appear to be more like that of a civic center concert or a highly energized theatrical production.

The Friday night outreach will have high impact illustrated messages using drama, multimedia and the latest of contemporary Christian music. A cappuccino and gourmet coffee bar along with a colorful children’s play room are also included in the plans for the upcoming project.

The RIVER in Ridgway will be host to guest bands, speakers and drama teams from both near and far away.

Pastor Bill Braley of Ridgway who is actively involved in the project said “The message behind the ministry transcends cultural and generational paradigms. Throughout the ages it continues to transform lives.”

He also stated that “coming from a past that includes 14 years of working with youth and young adults I can say with boldness and confidence it will work and will impact our entire region for many years to come.”

Braley also believes The RIVER outreach will provide an avenue for young people to grow in amazing ways with unlimited opportunities and potential to change and transform lives. He stated “We will get the attention of our young people when we demonstrate wholeheartedly with our actions and money that we believe they are worth investing in. If we provide them with a clear path to their destiny, they will take it.”

With plans to open the facility in July, The RIVER in Ridgway has already gained the support and volunteers from over five churches and various denominations. A team of volunteer builders from down south are scheduled to arrive mid June to help finish up the construction phase of this project. Word of the youth focused ministry has been met with much positive and hopeful enthusiasm. With a target age ranging from teens to early thirties, “The over the top out of the box” outreach plans to draw young people from Elk County and many surrounding communities including DuBois, Brookville and Bradford.

The RIVER outreach center is currently accepting applications for volunteers with background in worship, drama, multimedia, lighting and sound, ushers/greeters and security.

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