LTE: Viva America

President Obama’s shakedown stimulus programs are the biggest heist of taxpayers’ money this country has ever seen.

The hijacking of Chrysler and General Motors by the union will lead to higher production costs and increased government deficit financing. Inflation will follow and unions will demand pay increases and other benefits. If not granted, strikes and shut-downs will cause more business and industries to leave the country.

Never fear, the lovely Italian “Fiat” is being dangled in front of us.

The Italian economy is a course of study and every industrialist, politician and business should sign up.

Managed by politicians and bureaucrats, America will be lulled into a phony paradise.

More money will have to be printed top pay for union social welfare programs. In addition, bureaucratic meddling will cause taxes to rise, business bankruptcy and consumer product prices will increase.

Free enterprise production will be manipulated by “bureaucratic executives” who tighten the restrictive pressure on private industry. Aided and abetted by politic-playing union agitators and slick politicians, the American economy will be run by individuals who never served in the military, some who cut and run, who never pulled combat duty, never created, built, constructed anything, never ran a company, never made out a company payroll. Everything is organized, computerized, committee controlled.

Wiped out by the Obama administration and unions, the bleeding-heart liberal-news media now portrays our government highly susceptible to the greatest threat to American freedom, the United Nations “international communism.”

“Viva” America!

Dorothy K. Krey

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