LTE: We the People

The Republican Party today is where the democrats were during the 90’s. Republicans have no one known to represent the true values of small government low taxes. When you hear the media say far right religious, they mean anyone who believes in God, then we have the likes of Ron Paul who is so extreme as a constitutionalist he would not send troops anywhere even if America was threatened. President Bush was, a centrist who gave us pre scri ption drug care, and pushed for amnesty. 1992 President Clinton had an all Democrat Congress and raised taxes when republican speaker of the house Newt Gingrich gave us contract with America which brought us prosperity and a surplus during Clintons term.

Our founding fathers put our government type near the far right near anarchist, not centrists nor far left socialist progressive as we see it today. Our founding fathers knew that when the people feared the government it would be the end, so they placed into our Constitution Amendments like the 2nd in which gave the people a tool that insured government feared the people.

Newspapers across the country are folding up, they have swayed so far left towards socialism that we the people quit buying their trash. Once again we the people will rise up and take back our country. Most polls show that 85 percent believe in God, more now today believe in pro life then in choice. We the people see our government forcing auto manufacturers, banks into accepting their control, in doing so we have allowed our government to becomes progressive and like those countries which failed with communism.

Our government is now setting wages, telling us what to drive when we need a larger work vehicle, or a SUV to move the larger family around town. They want to force upon us cap and trade which fines companies for emitting what we do when we breath, carbon dioxide, and yes we will all pay the costs. No we have no Conservative out there not republican nor democrat to lead us.

We have career politicians who only needs is to get re-elected. Power and greed in them all.

Ed McGarvey

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