Hummingbird Speedway Results

A gray, overcast day turned into a beautiful sunset on the Mike Eberl Memorial trophy night. Mike was a well known racing photographer, who passed away last year. After two consecutive weeks of rainouts, 97 cars were signed into the pits.
In the Heat races the 4 Cylinder winners were George Bailey of Clearfield and Alan Barnett of Philipsburg driving for Mike Anderson of State College. The Street Stock Heats were taken by Dan Smeal of Houtzdale, Brandon Connor of DuBois and Gary Little of Clearfield. The Limited Late Model Heats were won by Luke Hoffner of Turbotville, John Chesnalavich Jr. of Reynoldsville, and Eric Moore of Frenchville. Pure Stock Heats were taken by Bob Alcorn or St. Petersburg, Josh Fields of Brockport, Jeff Krach of Falls Creek and John Barley of DuBois. Rounding out the Heats were the FWD 4 Cylinders with Kenny White of DuBois, Brian Warren of Curwensville and Aaron Luzier of Clearfield.

The 4 Cylinders were first on the track for their feature event with Mike Maines of Clearfield and John Bowser on the front row. Bob Ralston immediately pulled around the leaders who held the lead for 2 1/2 laps before being passed by Alan Barnett who held the lead for 4 laps before slowing and pitting. He had heavy pressure from Aaron Henry of Brockport who took over the lead. He extended his lead to almost a full straightaway as he crossed the finish line with his father, Don Henry, second and John Bowser, third.

The Street Stocks were next for their 20 lap feature. Dan Smeal led the event flag to flag but was pressured through out the race by Bob Rosman of Sykesville and Gary Little of Clearfield, but Smeal was unpassable. He was followed across the line by Little, Rosman, Steve Cook of Sykesville and Bill Huntington of Stump Creek.

The Limited Late Models were next for 25 laps. Jake Shady of Beech Creek and Josh Young of Berwick were on the front row. Shady jumped into the lead with Bob McMillen of St. Mary\’s and Josh Young in hot pursuit. Despite the challenges Shady held on for his first feature victory since the track reopened in 2000. The race was interrupted on lap 10 by a backstretch power failure which caused an approximate 20 minute delay for repairs.

The Pure Stocks brought a full field of 24 to Flagman Bob Sullinger\’s line. Nathan Yeaney of Brookville was on the pole who led one lap before being overtaken by Todd English of Clearfield. Bruce Hartzfeld of Stump Creek battled past on lap 8 and held off Bob Alcorn for his second feature win of the season.

The final event of the evening was the FWD 4 cylinders with Mike Lucas of Centre Hall on the pole. Lucas led lap one with Jason Joiner of Brookville taking over for the next 7 laps but he slowed and the lead was relinquished to Brian Warren of Curwensville who led Aaron Luzier and Mike Lucas across the finish line for his first win of the season.

Racing resumes next week with the rescheduled Jim Dean Memorial Trophy Night. For more information please go to

Four Cylinder 1) #12 Aaron Henry-Brockport 2)#68 Don Henry-Brockway 3) #88 John Bowser -Big Run 4) #17 Randy Albert-Morrisdale 5) #47 Adam Nixon-Grampian 6) 77R Bob Ralston- Philipsburg 7)#8 John Gilbert-Falls Creek (8AlanBarnett/Mike Anderson\’s car-Philipsburg 9) #73 Devin Lewis-Weedville 10) #60 George Bailey- Clearfield 11) #3 Mike Maines-Bells Landing DNS #14 Paul Metz Sr.-Julian

STREET STOCK: 1) Dan Smeal-Houtzdale 2) #2 Gary Little-Clearfield 3) 48r Bob Rosman-Sykesville 4) #27 Steve Cook-Sykesville )5 M21 Bill Huntington-Stump Creek 6) #37 Joe Kot-DuBois 7) 37A-Jim Bloom-Curwensville 8) 6c-Bob Connor-DuBois 9) #18H-Mark Hummell-Clearfield 10) #88 Scott Hollopeter-Reynoldsville 11) #88 Denny Draisma-Reynoldsville 12) #43 Pernell Beimel-St. Mary\’s 13) #20 14) #21T Orin Taylor-DuBois 15) #17C Brandon Connor-DuBois 16) 11G-Dan Gill-Clearfield DNS #99X Kyle Beimel-St. Mary\’s

LIMITED LATE MODELS: 1) Jake Shady-Beech Creek 2) #50 Bob McMillen-St. Mary\’s 3) #7J Josh Young-Berwick 4) #7 Cody Shultz-Clearfield 5) #36 Paul Kot- Brockway 6) #15 Luke Hoffner-Turbotville 7) #96 John Brady-Clearfield 8) 14R Derek Rodkey-Osceola Mills 9) #01 Donnie Connor- Reynoldsville 10) #1B Dwayne Brooks-Falls Creek 11) #4kTommy Kroenwetter-St. Mary\’s 12) #30 13) #95 Jim Parson jr.-Bellwood 14) #717 Doug Updyke-DuBois 15) #88XErnie Millon-Waymart 16) #812 John Chesnalavich Jr.Reynoldsville 17) 2R Rich Womeldorf-Apollo 18) #34 Tim Steis-St. Mary\’s 19) #00 Eric Moore-Frenchville

PURE STOCK: 1)#101 Bruce Hartzfeld-Stump Creek 2) #22 Bob Alcorn-St. Petersburg 3) #K3 Jeff Krach-Falls Creek 4) 1BJeremy Buck-Woodland 5) #35 John Barley-DuBois 6) #93 Zack Gustafson-Weedville 7) 17S Steven Cook-Sykesville 8) #27 9) #471 Matt Heindl-St. Mary\’s 10) #711 Todd English-Olanta 11) #53 Francis Gustafson-Weedville 12) #3G Dan Geer Jr-Woodland 13) #25 black Brian Boboige Falls Creek vs Mike Calhoun-Brockway 14)# 25 Brian Boboige-Falls Creek vs Mike Calhoun-Brockway 15) #2BS Jody Frantz-DuBois 16) #25 yellow 17) #10N-Justin Kanouff-Clearfield 18) 21T 19) #83 Travis Brady-Clearfield20) #70 Billy Mumau-Rossiter 21) #23 Walt Fedder 22) #15 Shawn Munoz-Punxsutawney 23) # 78-Josh Fields-Brockport 24) #36 25) DNS-#411 Jack Hepler Jr-Kersey and 00 Vaughn Kougher-Kersey

FRONT WHEEL DRIVE 4 CYLINDERS: 1)#5 Brian Warren- Curwensville 2) # 5L Aaron Luzier-Clearfield 3)38A Shawn Fedder-Clearfield 4) #81 Mike Lucas-Centre Hall 5) # 76 Joe Nelson-DuBois 6) #74 Stephanie Lucas-Centre Hall 7) #77R 8) # 7K Kenny White-DuBois 9) # 42 Mitch Kohler-DuBois 10) # 21C Chuck Erskine-Clearfield 11) # 7 Chuck White-DuBois 12)# 2B Brian Crawford-Punxsutawney 13) # 26 Chad Desmett-Curwensville 14) # 23 15) # 76SR Joe Nelson Sr-DuBois 16) # 619 Jason Joiner-Brookville 17) # 99L Rich Lucas-Wallaceton 18) # 4T- Randy Coombs-Big Run 19) # 30N Jacob Kline-DuBois 20) #95 Bill Butler-Sykesville 21) # 58 Dustin Kemp-Clearfield 22) # 21 Mark McMillen-Brockway 23) # 13D Kie Brown -Punxsutawney DNS

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