Loading Fee Increase at DUJ to Affect Some Flights

FALLS CREEK – The loading fee for certain flights will to be increaed at the DuBois Regional Airport.

The Clearfield-Jefferson Regional Airport Authority has spent the last month comparing their fee for certain flights, primarily commercial, to like-sized airports throughout the commonwealth. The outcome of this price comparison revealed that the airport was below average in what they charged.

The current fee is $1 per 1,000 pounds at take off. In order to be competitive in the industry the fee will be increased. According to Airport Manager Robert Shaffer the exact increase hasn’t been decided on yet, but will be between $1.50 to $1.75 per thousand pounds at take off. The calculation is done at take off as that is when the airplane is at its heaviest.

This will not be affecting all flights leaving the airport. There are exceptions to the rule such as most single prop airplanes. An example for a style of single prop airplane that would be affected was one used by UPS as it has a primary commercial use. Affected airplanes that are currently under conflicting contracts will not see a change till it is time for renegotiation.

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