DASD Board of Ed Awards Bid to Food Service Provider

DUBOIS – On Wednesday the DuBois Area School Board voted to award the bid to provide food management services for the district to Metz Inc.

At last week’s work session representatives from the Nutrition Group approached the school board after learning they were not the lowest bidder. Nutrition Group had provided the food service management for the DuBois Area School District for the last 17years, and wanted to maintain that role.

The Nutrition Group’s representatives had trouble seeing how they could have been underbid by $50,000. They had suggested that there had been some major error by the lowest bidder, Metz Inc., such as forgetting to include Head Start Program’s meals into the bid, which would account for $30,000.

Business Manager Sam Kirk, jr. had already contacted Metz about this possibility as Nutrition Group had emailed the board prior to the meeting with their concerns. Metz responded that they did not forget head start. The Nutrition Group representatives offered to match Metz’s bid even if they took a loss on the deal.

Every attempt by the board to get the representatives to how there could be a $50,000 difference resulted in the representatives either saying Metz must have made some mistake or their own bid was the fair bid.

The board voted to accept Metz’s bid this week over the Nutrition Group.  

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