Clearfield Fire Department Responds to Propane Leak

CLEARFIELD – At 3:30 Friday afternoon a call went out about an odor at the 612 Dorey Street apartments in Clearfield. Clearfield Fire Department responded with an engine and a hazmat truck.

According to tenenats Marsha Abrino, Mary Demi and Adam Bolton the smell had been present in the building for a few days, but it wasn’t until Friday, when someone had gone down into the basement that the smell became bad enough to call the borough.

While ventilating the building fire fighters identified the source of the odor as a propane gas leak in the basement. Both the water heater and dryer run off of a propane tank on the side of the building.

The exact location of the leak wasn’t found, but with the building ventilated and gas now off it is safe for tenets as long as the gas line is repaired before being turned back on.

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