Curwensville Borough Council Holds Off on COPS Grant, Advertising for Code Enforcement

CURWENSVILLE – Pursuit of a grant to help bolster the police force in Curwensville Borough may be on hold but the borough is taking steps to help enforce ordinances in their town.

On Monday night Curwensville Borough Council decided to hold off on any action regarding the COPS grant that was discussed in March. At that meeting it was noted that the COPS grant would pay for a police officer at an entry level rate of $13.60 per hour. The borough would then be required to pay the balance, $3.50 per hour.

The grant would cover the officer for three years, but as a stipulation the borough would be required to keep the officer for one additional fiscal year.

There were questions at that meeting as to that additional year.

After a lengthy executive session on Monday Council member Sam Ettaro recommended tabling the discussion for financial reasons.

Following that item Council member Fred Sopic motioned to advertise for a code enforcement officer, with Council member Holly Komonczi seconding.

Curwensville Borough Council will interview those interested in the possible position. It was noted by one council member that even though the borough is advertising and conducting interviews for the position, they have no obligation to hire anyone.

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