CCCTC JOC Reviews 09-10 Budget

CLEARFIELD – Kathie Malinich, business manager, reviewed the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center’s 2009-10 budget proposal with the Joint Operating Committee at Monday night’s regular meeting.

“It’s very comparable to (last year’s),” she said. “Our major concern is with the economy. We always keep the taxpayers in mind and stretch every dollar.”

Malinich said that her proposed budget was based on the enrollment of 371 students.

The figure does not, however, include the Diversified Occupations, which generally enrolls more than 20 students, according to Lois Richards, executive director. She said the figure also does not include the adults in secondary programs.

Malinich stated that the budget calls for a 2.359 percent increase with the budgetary reserve. She said the increase would be 2.213 percent without the reserve.

“It’s just that – a reserve. We put it in last year and again this year,” she said. She said that the reserve will cover incidentals and has allowed teacher sabbatical for wages, benefits and repairs.

Malinich said the budgetary reserve is proposed at $60,325 for the 2009-10 academic year. She said that $10,000 was placed into the reserve just in case of a hard winter.

“It’s not like the budgetary reserve in your home districts. We don’t intend to spend it. If we would intend to, it would require a meeting and board action. It’s a little different from your schools,” Richards said.

Malinich said that the 2009-10 proposed Secondary Career and Technical Education Subsidy, which was prepared by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, totaled $266,977.

Malinich said the proposed subsidy amounts were updated twice. She said that she wasn’t sure why but used the first of two updates from February.

According to the subsidy proposal, the amounts for each school district were: Clearfield – $90,695; Moshannon Valley – $47,976; West Branch – $38, 635; Philipsburg-Osceola – $38,556; Curwensville – $37,739; and Harmony – $13,376.

Malinich said that the proposed budget has a total expenditure of $2,672,502. She noted that the total does not include the renovation.

Malinich said that she is available to any member district superintendent for budget review. She also said that she is willing to answer any of their questions.

Malinich said that she would request the board’s final approval at next month’s regular meeting.

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