Spring Notice: Keep Mud Off of Roadways

CLEARFIELD – PennDOT Engineering District 2 has reminded businesses in its nine-county area about the importance of keeping state highways mud-free this spring season. District 2 PennDOT serves Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Juniata, McKean, Mifflin, and Potter counties.

“Mud tracked onto or deposited on the road can create a hazardous condition for other motorists and will not be tolerated,” said Kevin Kline, district executive.

PennDOT has informed businesses throughout the nine counties that the property owner, the company in charge of the operation, the vehicle owner and the driver of the vehicle that deposited mud, can all be held responsible and made to pay for any damages resulting from the incident. PennDOT has instructed its employees to report any mud deposits to Pennsylvania State Police so that citations can be issued and operations shut down until the problem is corrected.

“Safety is our top priority in designing, building and maintaining our highway system”, Kline said. This issue is extremely important as winter ends, spring thaw begins and mud problems become worse.”

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