LTE: Support Our Leader

Lately I’ve heard a lot of people, from prominent talk-show hosts down to people on the streets of Clearfield, stating that they want to see our President fail. Many of these same people talk often of patriotism, love of country and family values. I wonder what kind of values we’re teaching our children when we openly call for the leader of our country to fail. I did not vote for President Bush, but I rallied behind him after each election, because that’s what Americans have ALWAYS done – country FIRST. Never once did I root for Bush to fail – I disagreed with him on many issues, and I hoped that he would change his ways, but I’d rather be proven wrong personally than to see our leaders fail. I think it’s a real shame that so many people cannot share that sentiment where President Obama is concerned.

Folks, he’s our LEADER. He deserves your respect, and the same chance we gave President Bush after 9/11. Give the man a chance, and be open-minded – he might just surprise you. Oh, and by the way, if you think that Democratic programs are socialist, I assume you’ll be refusing to cash those unemployment and social security checks when you’re eligible, and declining to enroll in Medicare. Yes, those programs were also decried as ‘socialist’ when enacted, but where would we be without them today?

If you didn’t vote for President Obama, I respect that, and I respect your right to disapprove of some of his views – I don’t agree with all of them, either. But let’s come together as a community and a country and move past the partisan bickering, the unspoken racism and bigotry, and give our ELECTED LEADER the respect he’s earned.

Victoria Wootton

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