City of DuBois Streetscape Project to Begin March 30

DUBOIS – The West Long Avenue Streetscape Project will begin on March 30. That announcement was made at Monday night’s meeting of DuBois City Council.

Construction is expected to last between two to three months between Main Street and Railroad Crossing.

The streetscape project is to help beautify the city by repairing the sidewalks, improving lighting, seating, etc. Julie Stewart of the Downtown DuBois Revitalization Group thanked the council for the work they put into making this happen.

Mayor John “Herm” Suplizio also wished to explain a few things about comments made about the area 9-11 center.

“It wasn’t an attack on dispatchers,” said Suplizio. “But the common sense has been taken out of it.” 

He explained the common sense part as trying to account for situations that are unlikely to occur. An example given by Suplizio was that of worrying about a sniper shooting fire fighters when reporting a fire.

Suplizio was also thanked by the Wildauer family for what he has done for helping them. They had lost their home due toxic mold. When asked for help, Supilizio helped the family, the father an Iraq War veteran, set up a fund to repair their home.

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