LTE: Jobs, Who Needs ‘Em?

It’s like a Johnnie Paycheck song!

Jobs who needs them; sure isn’t the residents of Clearfield County.


We got more than we need. Actually we drive to other counties just for the pleasure of diversity and to get a feel for how the less fortunate live about us.

Why, even some of us enjoy the leisurely tour of the mine fields and the deforested previously vegetative state of these here PA Wilds.

Oh shucks!

We’re so happy that we have an overabundance of well paying service orientated jobs we send the whole family out to prospect for money so to pay the grocery bill this week.


“Talk about living the good life.” We got it all, right here in Clearfield County. We need to thank our elected County and State officials who are constantly and vigilantly on the search to keep us lean and green (mainly lean). Don’t pander but rather ponder this!

Isn’t it time to make Clearfield County expand beyond the two river banks that encompass the County seat?

John Deacon
West Decatur

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