LTE: Curwensville Borough Council Member Explains His Vote Against Landfill Traffic

As a member of Curwensville Borough Council, I voted yes on a motion to oppose increased truck traffic through Curwensville Borough due to the proposed landfill in Chest Township.

Let me clarify my reason for the “yes” vote. Note that this letter only conveys my opinion and NOT that of all Council members.

With the loss of police officers in the borough due to economic conditions, I would feel that enforcement of speed limit(s) , traffic laws and local ordinances would be difficult if not impossible until the Borough can realize an increase in its’ police force.

By no means does my vote support opposition to the Landfill itself and I would not think it my place to oppose a project that isn’t even in my community. If PaDEP approves the project, I have no problem with the people of Chest Township hosting the Landfill. It is their business, not mine.

If the citizens of Chest Township oppose the project, again it is also their business, not mine. From what I read, this project could be a huge benefit to the Harmony Area School District, not to mention the local municipalities involved.

As far as truck traffic, I don’t like voting against a truck drivers right to earn a living and if not for the circumstances of the police dept in Curwensville, my vote would have been different. If we vote against trash trucks in the borough, what next, Tri Axles? Log Trucks? Trucks carrying goods to market?

Thank you,
Frederick G. Sopic
Vice President, Curwensville Borough Council

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