LTE: American Cancer Society Needs Your Help

The American Cancer Society has been a very active group in Clearfield County for many years offering a number of patient and family services, cancer support groups, tobacco control programs and lifesaving research. We continue our mission thanks to the help of generous volunteers and dedicated staff.

But we are faced with a critical shortage of volunteer leaders. With the challenges of our day-to-day demands, time has become a premium and many people are finding it more difficult to participate in community service. It is because of the volunteers who preceded us, however, that certain types of cancer are now highly treatable or even curable. With more help, we will continue to win the war.

The American Cancer Society needs your help now. Plans are under way for the our annual fundraiser, Relay For Life, to be held at Riverside Stadium in Curwensville on May 30-31, to support cutting-edge cancer research, help provide free transportation to hospitals, help prevent youth smoking, publish lifesaving literature, and develop a new generation of weapons to fight cancer.

Now is the time for individuals, families, organizations, schools, religious groups, corporations and small businesses to build a team and join our fight to reduce the burden of cancer. Recognizing the national silver anniversary for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life we are adapting the theme “Relay For Life: Twenty-five Years of Hope”.

To sign up to participate or learn how you can volunteer for other patient services, call Susan Babik at 800-458-3856 ext. 3507 or contact our local American Cancer Society office at 765-1315.


Kathy Jacobson
Public Relations Chairperson
Relay For Life

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