Curwensville Borough Council Holds Off Truck Purchase, Agrees to Shop Around

CURWENSVILLE – Plans for a new truck for Curwensville Borough’s work crew were postponed on Monday night.

Council had received a quote on the truck from Allegheny Ford Truck Salse through the piggyback program. The quote listed the truck price, with additions such as plow and spreader, at $68,139.

Council members Holly Komonczi and Fred Sopic noted that they had reservations about the purchase.

Allen Stephens, street department lead man, said he has been having problems with the trucks this year.

“We gotta do something here pretty fast,” said Stephens.

Komonczi suggested looking at second-hand trucks. Mark Curulla, council president, indicated that there was too much risk in purchasing a used work truck.

Komonczi also noted that she was not comfortable with council only receiving one bid.

“I’d feel comfortable if everyone told me we exhausted all efforts,” said Komonczi.

Council member Sam Ettaro also expressed concerns. He said he was curious about the timing of this proposed purchase, with spring coming and the worst of the winter season past.

“Can’t we shop around a bit,” asked Ettaro.

Sopic asked if Allegheny Ford was the only dealer in the piggyback program. It was noted they were not.

“Is a month going to kill us,” asked Sopic. “The auto industry isn’t exactly in a bargaining position now.”

Stephens said the longer council waited, the more expensive the truck would become.

Curulla was asked by members of council if he thought purchasing the truck now was the right thing to do.

“I feel it’s the right thing to do,” said Curulla.

In the end council agreed to exhaust all possible avenues to ensure they were getting the best price. The motion was made by Komonczi and seconded by Sopic. Curulla had the lone dissenting vote.

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