LT Supers Hold Second CDBG Hearing

CLEARFIELD – It was Lawrence Township’s turn hold their second Community Development Block Grant hearing Tuesday.

Lawrence Township joins other area communities in applying for CDBG funds for the coming yet. Eugene Zanella of Stiffler, McGraw & Associates and Lawrence Township Engineer presented the second of the required hearings on the proposed funds.

The Lawrence Township Supervisors are going with an estimated received amount of $137,000 based off of the funds awarded last year. Eighteen percent of the funds will go towards administrating the program, and the rest will go to the Hillsdale Area Street improvements.

The township will also be looking into the possibility of tapping into the stimulus bill, specifically the portion that allocated $2 billion to allow communities hire uniformed police men for entry level positions with benefits. There is a catch to this, that it will pay for the hired for three years, and it is requested anyone participating to retain anyone hired with these funds for an additional year.

The penalty and potential confusion is due to possible consolidation has the supervisors looking at this option carefully.

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