LTE: In Response to America Needs God Now

I do not want to make a debate against Edith because for the most part I do agree with her. If we would follow simple Bible principles such as refraining from fornication, violence and over-indulgence things would not be as bad as they are.

I do disagree with the statement that Jesus is “pouring out his anger in these last days”. In Revelation chapter 12 (specifically verses 7, 9 and 12) we learn that Satan the devil has been cast down to earth and has only a short period to sway people from Godly worship. ( Woe to the inhabitors of the earth for the devil has comedown with great wrath unto you, knowing that he has but a short time.)

We can also find in Matthew, Luke and 2 Timothy what the “Last Days” will be like ( Matthew 24:7, Luke 21:11, 2Timothy 3:1-5) So we need to remember Revelation 1:3 and look upon what is happening in a way that we can be blessed.

It is up to the people of this world to make sure that we remember that God loves us and we need to raise our children to love and respect God. We can do this by rejecting Satan the devil and by following Gods commandments without burden (1John 5:3).

Jennifer Shigo
Harrisonburg VA
(formerly of Clearfield PA)

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