Clearfield Man Waives Hearings in Three Cases

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man accused of numerous criminal activities waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

Josh Webb is charged with – 1.) theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property; 2.) burglary, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and disorderly conduct; and 3.) false Id to law enforcement and driver’s required to be licensed.

In the first case police stated they received a call on Nov. 28 regarding an incident of theft. The woman told police that her mother’s medication had been stolen. The woman explained that in the early morning hours of Nov. 28 Webb came to the residence to use the phone to call 911. She said that Webb was let in. She said that Webb told her he had to stay there to wait for 911 to call back.

She said that while he was waiting Webb asked her for some playing cards. She told police that while she was retrieving the cards she heard a noise, like a cupboard closing. She said that when she returned Webb appeared suspicious, with his hand behind his back. He reportedly asked the woman if he could use the restroom. After using the restroom Webb left the residence.

The woman searched the residence and noted that her mother’s was missing Alprazolam.

Police called 911 to see if they had received calls for ambulance service. The 911 Center reported that they received call at 1:50 a.m. for a report of a woman with chest pain. The caller then called back to 911 and told them the woman would be going by private vehicle.

On Nov. 30 the woman called police to tell them that she noticed liquor that was removed from the residence. She told police that three bottles, gin, vodka and Jack Daniels had been removed.

On Feb. 18 police spoke with Webb about that case. He denied taking the medication but reportedly did admit to taking the Jack Daniels.

In the second case Police received a call on Feb. 13 about an 83-year-old woman who reported her medication was stolen.

The woman told police that earlier that morning at 4:30 she was sitting at her kitchen table. She said the door to her residence was unlocked and that she expected her niece to arrive to take her to dialysis. She said she observed a hand by her door, then the door opened. She said she saw a man wearing a black shirt, dark pants, a black hat pulled down to his eyes and latex gloves.

She told police he entered the apartment said that he needed to use the phone to call the hospital, stating his friend was having chest pains. The woman identified the man as her neighbor, whom she knew by the name of “Josh.” She later told police that Josh had never been in her home before nor had he ever been invited in.

She said she gave Josh the phone at which time he began to speak to who she believed to be the hospital. She told police she heard someone say, “Just bring him in,” at which point Josh stated, “Nevermind, he just took a pill and he will be fine.” She said he then hung up the phone and that at one point he placed his hat on the table. She said that prior to that she had a pill bottle containing 25 Neurontins on the table.

The woman told police that when he left he made a statement that he could not find that hat, and that he would look for it outside. The woman said she noticed at this point that her pill bottle was gone. She said she told Josh, “You stole my medication,” to which he reportedly replied, “I did not.”

He then left the apartment.

Police went to Webb’s apartment and tried to get someone to answer the door. They were unsuccessful.

In the third case police noted that while at Sheetz on Feb. 13 they encountered a young man staggering around and dropping money on the floor. Police noted that he was very slow in his movements and that he appeared to speak with slurred speech.

Police confronted the man as he left the store. A slight odor of intoxicating beverage was detected, and police noted that he stood with a slight sway. Police asked for his identification and the man told them he did not have his license with him. He was asked for his name and date of birth and he told police that his name was Warren Hartman.

The man admitted to being on pre scri ption medication. When asked about the odor he said he had taken cough syrup. He said he lived up the road a short distance. He entered a vehicle and then drove away.

Later police executed a search warrant on Webb. Police noted that the man they arrested was the same man they had encountered at Sheetz. It was also discovered that his Pennsylvania and North Carolina licenses were invalid.

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