LTE: Rail Lines and Waste

To the Editor:

The following is clear, “The view through a hole in the bottom of a boat is always down”. — GW, RJ Corman, NYC, Penn Central have all been good neighbors, not to mention tolerant!

The Commissioners would have you believe that these companies are evil and only want to harm. Anyone who would buy or live along a rail corridor is well aware that the line is there and has the responsibility to gather knowledge of possible future reinstatement of any removed rail lines.

Not so, in the eyes of the Commissioners, here the mentality is that of the mob what is yours is mine. I’ll draw public opinion misguidedly if necessary to acquire it. Safety issues is a good starting points if those options fail, then use the money issues.

Landfills until you get your head screwed on will always be a great issue but even the Commissioners trash their trash. Just where does it go, up the road and in the back yard of someone else. Agendas sure, they have one but the mistake is to allow one view to influence the outcome of others. Sure, they want business but only the kind that their distorted view permits.

Tourism there’s one. Bring more people into the area they consume and that means more trash for the other guys’ yard while all the time we get poor while he gets the trash and the cash.

Get it on Commissioners run us into a service oriented low wage, poor living condition area keep us down while you look for employment by using us. Imagine if Corman wanted to build a repair shop!

Way to go Commissioners less trains more trucks what a choice, talk about safety.

John Deacon
West Decatur

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