DuBois Roundballers Beaten by Bradford

The DuBois Area Beavers extend their drought to four in a row, as they were unable to defeat the Bradford Owls, losing 72-49, Tuesday, February 3 at home.

This is an outstandingly tough time for the DuBois Beavers.  They have not been able to find a way to win a few in a row all season.  Head Coach Scott Creighton is truly a great head coach for the rebuilding process here in DuBois, unfortunately it seems as though he is trying to dig himself out of a deep hole that has developed over the last three years. 

\”My only regret with these seniors is that I was not able to coach them for three years,\” Coach Creighton said following Tuesdays contest. 

Creighton obviously loves this team and does his best to prepare the Beavers.  During the year at hand, things are bound to turn around for the Beavers.  Despite the record (3-15) this year the Beavers have made the majority of their games tight battles that went right until the end.  Sometimes they do get beat by a lot, but they always play until the end and they always do the best that they can. 

Tuesday night was an example of always continuing to play hard despite losing by a large margin.  As the Owls came into town Tuesday night the Beavers were ready to win.  As I talked to the Beavers earlier in the school day, all of them were excited and ready for that night. 

In the first period, Bradford poured on the heat and was able to hold the Beavers down, creating a 19-10 score by the start of the second period.  The nine point lead was the least of the Beavers problems in the second period as they struggled on defense creating a 34-18 deficit by halftime.  The game wasn

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