DuBois City Council Hears Update on Water Meters

DUBOIS – The installation of the wireless water meters in the City of DuBois is getting closer. At DuBois City Council’s meeting the council heard from Paul Cunningham of Johnson Controls that they have finished installing all the meters they were charged with installing.

Cunningham admitted that around 90 homes in the area might not have their installations complete. The test signal shows around 99.7 percent on the better end of receiving data from the collective meters, but were contracted for only 98 percent.

The 90 homes in question fall into two categories: homes where people aren’t available either for one reason or another, and houses where the homeowners had to install the meters themselves. The latter being any over 2 inch.

Cunningham also explained that there were some problems with the registers, but this was a mechanical problem that could occur with any meter. Some were broke, others had ice involved with the malfunction. Overall it was reported that the meter installation process has gone well.

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