Scams Reported in Curwensville

CURWENSVILLE – Police in Curwensville are reporting two recent scams that has come to the department’s attention.

According to the Curwensville Borough Police Department a homeowner received a call from a man who told them that their name had been drawn and they had won a security system. The caller wanted to evaluate the home for installation. The caller would not give the name of the company nor a phone number. The resident noted to police that he had never entered his name for the system.

In a separate report a check was received in the mail indicating the person was chosen as a mystery shopper. The check was for several thousand dollars. The person was to cash the check and spend so much money and evaluate the stores selected. The person was to then send the remainder of the money, $3,000, back to the company.

Residents are urged not to respond to any unknown requests and not to provide personal information over the phone. On several occasions people have cashed such checks to later learn they are counterfeit. They then become responsible to pay the funds back and can also face criminal charges.

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