Clearfield Borough PD Warns of Scam

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Borough Police Department is warning residents of what they are calling an “alarming and unusual scam.”

According to police local residents are being called by someone identifying themselves as a family member, usually a grandson, who has been detained by law enforcement authorities in another country.

The caller generally has current and personal information pertaining to the person they are representing themselves as, including the family and that person’s habits.

In the past, several phone calls are made over a 24 hour time period in which the victim’s emotions are used to convince them the call is legitimate.

Police warn residents not to fall for this scam. If you receive calls where someone identifies themselves as a family member asking for money, do not send it immediately. Residents are urged to contact their local police department or law enforcement agency and ask them for assistance. The CBPD stated that law enforcement agencies are here to help you and give advice if the request is legitimate or not.

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