PennDOT Encourages Sled Riding Safety

CLEARFIELD- With winter snowfalls, children of all ages head outside for sledding fun.

Unfortunately, each year thousands of people are seriously injured while sledding.

Most injuries are preventable and the following tips can help you keep the fun from turning to tragedy.

-Make sure that children wear a helmet when sledding. Many head injuries occur because children often ride headfirst.
-Children should be warmly dressed with gloves and boots to prevent frostbite. If they get wet, have them change into dry clothing.
-Always supervise young children when they sled ride.
-Choose a safe area with plenty of light. Avoid parking lots, roadways, and areas with trees or other obstructions.
-Use a sled that is in good condition and in not broken.
-A “steerable” sled is safer than a tube or saucer you can’t control. Teach children to roll off a sled that will not stop.
-Don’t ride on a sled that is being pulled behind a moving vehicle.
-Never use alcohol or drugs while sledding or supervising children who are sledding.

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