LTE: What’s Going On?

These coming years will be filled with green jobs created to help stop global warming, even after scientist have halted the call for fifteen years to allow the cooling trend to run its course. 2007 and 2008 has turned out to be record cold much lower then 1970’s when they took away our floral carbons sprays out of hair spray to stop the global cooling. Scientist by enormous numbers are leaving the global warming crowd and declaring it a false measure. Still Congress is moving towards a carbon tax on gasoline making it $4.00 dollars a gallon so that the green jobs can be popular as a way to lower fuel costs. All this can take place because Congress say they received a mandate as the Congress and the Presidency is ran by the Democratic party. In the 1930’s government tried stimulus packages over and over again and history has showed it extended the great depression, yet our leaders today will not look at history for guidelines. They will not allow the failures to take place and then start the rebuilding of our economy, no they must pump trillions of good dollars towards all that bad money and then have the failures take place. Nothing to date has or will work. With global warming our leaders have a one tract mind: greed. Ex Vice-President Al Gore and Treasury Secretary Paulson created a carbon base tax company to sell offset carbon tax credits. Lobbyist for the windmills, bio fuel and green technology get laws mandating their products and this is not any less a violation of the laws as Governor Blagojevich of Illinois allegedly selling a House and Senate seat. The end results will be an extended depression, failed green policies with light rail service in cities where bus lines require government funding to remain afloat. Taxes raised upon everyone while Amnesty gave away our jobs, and taxes, fees raised to a point that companies leave America and jobless rates at 20 percent.

Ed McGarvey

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