PRC, Main Street Program Review the Year that Was

PHILIPSBURG – The year is nearing its end, and as with many people and organizations members of the Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation, Main Street met to look back at what has been completed in the last year and preparation for the coming year.

“I think we finally reached a point where we can invite visitors to town and have something to offer them,” said Emily Gette-Doyle, Main Street’s program manager.

Philipsburg’s Main Street program updated its facade grant guidelines, and was able to award $25000 to assist in facade improvement.
There was also the continuation of the many annual events: Chocolate Fest, Heritage Days, Farmer’s Market, Harvest Fest and Holiday parade. There was also the continuation of the art auction and dinner fund raising events.

A public statement was also created. This is basically a relatively simple explanation of what the Main Street program aims to do. Ties to the Penn State Small Business Development Center, PA Careerling Business Service Team, Clearfield County Recreation and Toursim Authority and Central PA Convention and Visitors Bureau were strengthened.

Over the last year Philipsburg also saw a net gain of three businesses and 13 full-time equivalent jobs.

Future plans primarily seem to be expanding on what is already in place, promoting, organizing membership drives and volunteer recruitment, holiday and other festivities and an emphasis on local cultural locations, improvements to the facade program with the intent to work closely with banks in assisting it.

There are some things that need to be worked on; a system of keeping track of who owns downtown property and keeping it updated, and work something out with absentee landlords to make it easier to show off the properties to those interested in starting businesses, but might otherwise choose elsewhere if the hassle of contacting the owner was too much.

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