LTE: Santa’s House

The Santa House. The Borough of Clearfield,with all the grand plans and projects of the new sewer system, the ethanol plant, geo-thermal energy, riverwalks, and revitalization, recently opened up the newly built Santa House.

It is extremely important to this and every community to incorporate our desire to modernize with the history and heritage that defines our town.
In my youth, I remember making the long journey from Spruce Street in the cold winter night to Downtown to see Santa at his little house. It is a memory that follows a person thoughout his life.

Most residents of the Clearfield area have similar memories. This is just a very small part of what Clearfield is to the peolple that live here or have lived here. Now we can provide the children of Clearfield, today and in the future, their own memories of this special town.

Not every good thing in life cost millions of dollars or takes many years of committee meetings to complete.

I recognize and appreciate the efforts of all involved and I hope everyone makes a special trip to downtown Clearfield in the next couple of weeks to add more good memories of this town.

All future planning must consider our heritage and history so we can keep Clearfield close to the hearts of everyone, young and old.

Rodger Baumgardner

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