A Student’s View: Clearfield Elementary Honors Veterans

CLEARFIELD – Veterans from all Armed Forces came to the Clearfield Elementary School gymnasium to be honored by the students and staff in a Veterans Day program.

There were five student speakers. Other students escorted the veterans into the gymnasium, presenting each one with a rose and a certificate. Third Grade teacher Mr. Dennis Shaffner shared some history of the military. The staff and students then sang, “The Star Spangled Banner” and recited “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

Next, Mr. Ken Carlson talked about holidays and how Veteran’s Day is like Christmas because you get gifts and from the Veterans we got the gift of freedom.

Before we left, Mr. Shaffner and Music teacher Mr. Andrew Rothrock did a play on the background and meaning of Taps. While the students were leaving the Veterans stood in a row while the students said “thank you” and shook their hands.

We were honored to have them at our school and appreciate their service to our country.

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