Curwensville Borough Council Approves Action to Help Ethanol Move Forward

CURWENSVILLE – Curwensville Borough Council took action Thursday night that will allow a proposed ethanol plant to begin a phase of construction.

The borough voted to grant Sunnyside an exception to a “no construction” condition in the final land development plan approval given to Sunnyside on June 12.

The exception was granted to keep Sunnyside from losing their air quality permit, which will run out on Nov. 17 if certain air contamination sources are not constructed.

Sunnyside proposed building up to 14, 2-foot diameter footers for the plants cooling tower.

The borough granted the exception only for the construction of those footers, provided that Sunnyside obtains the proper building permit prior to that construction. The borough is also requiring Sunnyside to provide the borough with a photocopy of the recorded deed conveying to Sunnyside the real estate where the footers are to be constructed. Should that real estate be conveyed to an affiliate of Sunnyside, the borough must receive a copy of the fully executed lease for the real estate from the owner to the lessor.

Council member Sam Ettaro, who walked out of a similar special meeting on Monday, was on speaker phone for this meeting. When Ettaro left Monday’s meeting that left council without a quorum.

Council members Mark Curulla, Fred Sopic, Duane Wriglesworth and Julie Girardi voted in favor of the action, Ettaro voted against it.

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