Letter to the Editor: Second Amendment

Dear Editor,

Gun control. Consider it an issue in the upcoming presidential election. You, residents of central PA, if you care about your right to own firearms, you must take action to maintain and protect your 2nd amendment rights. Barack Obama, based on his past voting record, will likely impose further gun control and restrictions if voted into office as your president. Every step deeper into gun control is a step closer to revocation of your right to bear arms. The anti-gun movement wants to take your rifles and handguns away from you and melt them down. It has happened in other countries and it could happen here.

I now live in a suburban part of the state, and have discovered that when it comes to firearms, my suburban neighbors couldn’t care less. Their knowledge of firearms is largely derived from what they hear on the news about criminals and accidental deaths, all “caused by guns.” They don’t understand why law abiding citizens need or would even want to own guns. The issue of protecting the 2nd amendment will not affect the voting decision of this large group of voters. If the 2nd amendment is a non-issue to suburbanites, you can bet their vote will not be based on how you feel about your right to bare arms. The bottom line is this: All other issues aside, if you want to maintain your right to bare arms, your right to hunt, your right to enjoy sport shooting, and your right to protect not only yourself but also your loved ones, give pause and great consideration to this issue when you step into the ballot box. Take it upon yourself to protect your rights. If you don’t, and the mandatory order to turn in all firearms is imposed, you’ll only have yourself to blame, and you will have no recourse. Take action now, read about the candidate’s records on gun control. Take action on election day, vote to maintain your rights.

Eric Fox
(Clearfield County native)
Berwyn, PA

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