No New Winners at Hesston

HESSTON, PA – Hesston Speedway remembered one of its own Saturday night with the annual Nancy Estep Memorial race. Ms. Estep was an employee of the speedway when she lost her life following a brief illness. The repeat winners on this night included Risk Singleton in the limited late models, Andy Haus in the PA 305 sprints, Khi Swanger in the street stocks and Joe Dearmitt in the hobby stocks.

Steve Baylor and Lincoln Ritchey led the limited late models to the start with Ritchey taking the lead and setting the pace through multiple cautions. While Ritchey was holding his own, he was also working to hold off Baylor and Ralph Morgan who ran second and third and Rick Singleton who was in fourth early on. Then as the race continued Singleton moved into second with Morgan now third and Tim Smith Jr. eventually coming to the fourth spot.

Singleton then fell to third with Smith taking second on three laps to go. Singleton then went to the outside in the third and fourth turns with two laps left and took second from Smith and the lead from Ritchey. Singleton then held on to get the win over Smith, Ritchey, Morgan and Brad Kling. Heat wins went to Rick Singleton, Brad Kling and Justin Kann.

When the green fell to start the sprint feature the #7 of Jim Kennedy didn’t come up to speed but the field managed to avoid the slowing car before the caution waved one lap later. Tyler Bear took the lead and held it through five laps before Andy Haus took the lead and left the field to follow in his tracks. The battle for second heated up between Bear and Roger Irvine as they jockeyed for position with Bear able to hold on for second. At the checkered flag it was Haus picking up the win over Bear, Irvine, Mike Heckman and Joey Hershey. Heat wins went to Jim Kennedy, Tyler Bear and Joe Zap.

The street stock special was finally completed after a few wash outs this season. The field came to the start with Josh Berrier and Paul Gambol on the front ronth road and Gambol taking the lead. He led the opening two laps before fourth place starter Cris Edwards took the lead with a pass into the third turn. Edwards was setting the pace and holding his own until lap nine, when Bill Henney took the lead with a pass off the second turn.

The race saw Edwards back out front after Henney broke while leading, and he was out for the night, giving second to Khi Swanger who had come from the 10th starting spot. Swanger was trying get past the leader, but Edwards was pretty strong on this night until a caution on lap 19 relegated Edwards to the rear for losing his hood. Swanger then held off Dave Brown the rest of the way to get the victory over Brown, Jesse Snyder, Mike Desch and Edwards who came back to fifth. Heat wins went to Khi Swanger and Bill Henney.

The hobby feature was as exciting as the rest of the night with Bill Dearmitt taking the lead at the start and Derek Grabill in second. Then Gary Morder was in second when he dropped out. Then Dearmitt had to contend with Kevin Brown, who took the lead on lap eight when Dearmitt pitted with a flat. Brown then led the rest of the way, holding off Joe Dearmitt, but Brown was running illegal tires and was disqualified giving the win to Joe Dearmitt. Grabill was second with Terry Norris, Chad gambol and Damion Miller completing the top five. Heat wins went to Lou Wannyn, Gary Morder and Jake Gongloff.

PIT NOTES: 84 teams filled the pits including 27 limited late models, 21 PA 305 Sprints, 16 street stocks and 20 hobby stocks…This week will bring the season to an end with a regular show for the limited late models, sprints, street stocks and hobby stocks…Keep an eye on the website at for more details.


George’s Used Cars Limited Late Models: 1. Rick Singleton, 2. Tim Smith, Jr., 3. Lincoln Ritchey, 4. Ralph Morgan, 5. Brad Kling, 6. Shawn Claar, 7. Daniel Coreman, 8. Mike Duck, 9. Derek Byler, 10. George Dixon, Jr., 11. Rodney Mock, 12. Robby Garlock, 13. Curtis Heath, 14. Levi Eller, 15. Mike Mort, 16. Jessie Morrison, 17. John Eckenrod, 18. Shawn McGarvey, 19. Steve Baylor, 20. Mike Altobellis Sr., 21. Travis Calhoun, 22. Matt Cosner, 23. Ronnie Evans, 24. Steve Billet, 25. Justin Kann.

DNS: Jake Griffith

DQ: Rance Garlock

Auto Locator PA 305 Sprints: 1. Andy Haus, 2. Tyler Bear; 3. Roger Irvine, 4. Mike Heckman, 5. Joey Hershey, 6. Logan Wagner, 7. Erin Statler, 8. Ryan Lynn, 9. Mel Light, 10. Reed Thompson, 11. Jake Waters, 12. Ron Aurand, 13. Tim Kline, 14. Don Sotosky, 15. Rodney Peters, 16. Alan Kumpf, 17. Brett Hockenberry, 18. Jonathan Henne, 19. Joe Zap, 20. Jim Kennedy.

DNS: Cliff Conner.

Street Stocks: 1. Khi Swanger, 2. Dave Brown, 3. Jessie Snyder, 4. Mike Desch, 5. Cris Edwards, Jr. 6. Josh Berrie, 7. Mike Duguan, 8. Eric Irvin, 9. Dale Claycomb, 10. Paul Gambol.

Walters Auto Wrecking Hobby Stocks: 1. Joe Dearmitt, 2. Derek Grabill, 3. Terry Norris, 4. Chad Gambol, 5. Damion Miller, 6. Jake Gongloff, 7. Kyle Grove, 8. Joe Hammers, 9. Jeff Shoemaker, 10. Brad McGinnis.

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