LTE: Asking Clearfield Borough to Rescind Motion Regarding Mayor

It is my hope that this letter is received in the same spirit that it is written: with all due respect to the council members, who devotedly serve the members of this community in what is undoubtedly a thankless position.

I respectfully request that you look at your motion asking the mayor to resign; consider all that she has done for this community, and ultimately, rescind the motion. Ms. Gilliland has served us with dedication and passion. Among other things she has worked long hours on the Christmas light project in an effort to beautify the town.

Admittedly, there are those who would oppose this request. But if we put this situation into perspective, differences of opinion over the police handing out invitations and a street being closed for a mere couple of hours pale in comparison to the opportunity to host our governor and to the good Ms. Gilliland has done for Clearfield.

Let’s look at the big picture and put these incidents into perspective.

I look forward to the opportunity to vote for Ms. Gilliland again when she runs in the next election.

Respectfully submitted,
Timothy Potts

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