Barton Among New Winners at Dog Hollow

STRONGSTOWN, PA – The Frank Mayak Memorial produced three new winners in five divisions Friday night at Dog Hollow Sspeedway including “Hot Rod” Rodney Phillips of Punxsutawney in the Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models, Dick Barton of Ashville, NY in the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models special and Nick Goss of Punxsutawney in the Jeff Dick Home Sales Street Stocks.

Repeat winners included Tim Laughard of Vinco in the Brush valley tire Pure Stocks and Joe Petyak of Gallitzin in the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders.

The late model feature saw Luke Hoffner and Craig Perigo on the front row with Perigo taking the lead for three-quarters of the first lap, before he spun in turns three and four. This resulted in a complete restart with Rance Garlock now on the outside pole and he took the lead and Hoffner settled into second. While they were out front third place runner Rodney Phillips was in the hunt to advance his positions and moved into second on lap six.

Two laps later Phillips went to the inside of Garlock and took the lead, once out front Phillips was never threatened again but Garlock had to hold off Hoffner, which he did. At the finish it was Phillips, Garlock, Hoffner, Rick Strong and Shawn McGarvey from 11th. Heat wins went to Rodney Phillips, Luke Hoffner, Rick Strong and Billy Eash. The B main was won by Jim Ivory.

The Fastrak late models were in the spot light with 23 cars strong taking the green flag with Kevin Meados taking the lead at the start. The race was slowed on late two when Tommy Snyder looped the #1F car and collected Mike Laughard, Daniel Angelicchio and Max Blair. Angelicchio, the current Dog Hollow Point leader, was eliminated for the night.

The restart saw Dick Barton take the lead and Mike Pegher fall into second with Dennis Lunger third. Pegher looped the #1C car on lap 17, slowing the race again and tailing the field. This put Lunger in second and he and Carl McKinney were reeling in Barton. As the field worked lapped traffic, Barton was trying his best to hold off the challengers, and they ran out of laps as Barton took his first ever Dog Hollow win. Lunger was second with McKinney, John Lacki and Rusty Moore rounding out the top five. Dick Barton, Rusty Moore and Daniel Angelicchio won the qualifying heats.

A full field of 23 street stocks opened the night with mayhem as spun upon spin kept the field tight and the race longer than normal. At times the race was run off one lap at a time. Mike Laughard led the opening lap of the feature, from 10th, but was docked on the restart for jumping. Then it was Joe Kelley who took the lead on the second lap and led for six laps, when Nick Goss was finally able to put together a few green flag laps to get the lead. Once he was out front he held off first Kelley until he dropped out then Tyler Hite, but this was Goss’s night as he took his first Dog Hollow win of the season. Hite, John McCann, Denny Keener and Randy Reitz completed the top five. Heat wins went to Denny Keener, Ray Charles and Scott Stein.

The pure stock feature had Marshall Detwiler and Rich Powell on the front row with Detwiler taking the lead. He was able to hold the top spot for two laps, when Powell took the position, but Detwiler battled back and regained the lead on lap five. He saw Powell for a while, but then Tim Laughard came to the outside of the track and took the lead with five laps to go. Detwiler tried to reel in the leader but he couldn’t and Laughard took his ninth win of the season. Detwiler, Powell, John Mazey and Matt Summers completed the top five. Heat wins went to Tim Laughard and John Mazey.

The four cylinder sidewinders were led to the start by Adam Laughard and Martin Vinosky on the front of the field. Laughard took the initial lead and held on for seven laps, then from the sixth spot Joe Petyak took the lead and Laughard began to fade. With Petyak leading Brennan McCracken came from 12th to run second at the line. The top five were: Petyak McCracken, Laughard, Vinosky and David Rocker. Heat wins went to Martin Vinosky and the father-son team of Denny and Joey Petyak.

Dog Tracks: 113 cars packed the pits, including 29 late models, 23 Fastrak late models, 23 street stocks, 13 pure stocks and 25 four cylinders…coming up this week is the final race of the season and the points are still very close in all five classes. There will also be children’s bike races with helmets required…Racing begins at 7:30 p.m. sharp and additional details are available at


Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Rodney Phillips, Punxsutawney; 2. Rance Garlock, 3. Luke Hoffner, 4. Rick Strong, 5. Shawn McGarvey, 6. Billy Eash, 7. Dave Satterlee, 8. Gregg Satterlee, 9. Bernie Whiteford, 10. Craig Perigo, 11. Randy Smithley, 12. Paul Dominick, 13. Dane Laraway, 14. Dave Day, 15. Jeff Weakland, 16 Ron Marsh, 17. Mike Ziner, 18. Dan Boyd, 19. Jim Ivory, 20. Troy Sheilds, 21. Tim Snare, 22. Dan Swartzlander, 23. Clate Copeman, 24. TJ Fleck.

DID NOT QUALIFY: Rudy Bassaro, Curtis Lias, Jake Shady, Todd Baughman and Ricky Megleye.

Stoystown Auto Wrecker Fastrack Late Models: 1. Dick Barton, Ashville, NY., 2. Dennis Lunger, 3. Carl McKinney, 4. John Lazki, 5. Rusty Moore, 6. Roger Laughlin, 7. Bob Kish, 8. Bert Cleer, 9. Chad Wilds, 10. Kevin Meadows, 11. Mike Pegher, 12. Tyler Dietz, 13. Bobby Powell, 14. Ron Smithley, 15. Andy Buckley, 16. Kirby Tucker, 17. Joe Zulisky, 18. Justin Kann, 19. Tommy Snyder, 20. Mike Laughard, 21. Sammy Stile, 22. Max Blair, 23. Daniel Angelicchio.

Jeff Dick Home Sales Street Stocks: 1. Nick Goss, Punxsutawney; 2. Tyler Hite, 3. John McCann, 4. Denny Keener, 5. Randy Reitz, 6. Randy Capbell, 7. Dave Gallore, 8. Charlie Trice, 9. Brad Warrick, 10. Jim Boyer.

Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks: 1. Tim Laughard, Vinco, 2. Marshall Detwiler, 3. Rich Powell, 4. JohnMazey, 5. Matt Summers, 6. Bernie Whetstone, 7. Corey Kilgore, 8. Mike Silk, 9. Jeremy Shaffer, 10 Nathan Good.

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders: 1. Joe Petyak, Gallitzin, 2. Brennan McCracken, 3. Adam Laughard, 4. Martin Vinosky, 5. David Rocker, 6. Dan Adams, 7. Tom Pavelko, 8. Mark Maglett, 9. Matt Weakland, 10. John Ford.

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