Hummingbird Speedway Results

Reynoldsville–The Prontock Beer Distributors RWD Four Cylinders were the first feature on the track.

Mike Anderson started on the pole with George Bailey on the outside of the front row. Anderson Led wire to wire with just one caution for the lap 10 spin of Alan Barnett on the front stretch slowing the field. Orin Taylor came all the way from 13th starting position to take second followed by Don Henry, Bob Ralston Jr, and Bailey.

Heat Winners: Bob Ralston Jr, Don Henry

1. 76 Mike Anderson, State College
2. 21T Orin Taylor, DuBois
3. 68 Don Henry, Brockway
4. 77R Bob Ralston Jr., Philipsburg
5. 20 George Bailey, Clearfield
6. 47 Adam Nixon,
7. 12 Aaron Henry, Brockway
8. 51 Bill McMillen Sr., St Marys
9. 34 Joe Malobicky Jr., St. Marys
10. 57 Tim Bailey, Morrisdale
11. 17 Randy Albert, Morrisdale
12. 55 Brandon Weidow, Byrnedale
13. 11 Bill Washek, Clearfield
14. 71 Alan Barnett, Philipsburg
15. 88 John Bowser, Big Run
16. 8 John Gilbert, Falls Creek

The Street Stock Feature saw Mike Hummel and Tim Stice on the front row. Lots of cautions happened early in the race including a scary ride down the back stretch guard rail for Jason Read on lap one and a five car pile up in turn 2 on lap 2. Bill “Couchman” Huntington took the lead on lap 8 and was able to hold off the challenge of last weeks winner Dan Gill. Huntingtons win was his first ever street stock victory. Bob Rosman, Jeff Mease, and Dan Smeal rounded out the top five.

Heat Winners: Gary Little, Bill Huntington and Denny Curry

1. M21 Bill Huntington, Big Run
2. 11G Dan Gill, Clearfield
3. 48R Bob Rosman, Sykesville
4. M1 Jeff Mease, Clearfield
5. 44 Dan Smeal, Houtzdale
6. 2 Gary Little, Clearfield
7. 75 Denny Curry, Clearfield
8. 11y Dale Yaney, Corsica
9. 05R Rob Rhinehart,
10. 7 Neil Wilson Jr., Clearfield
11. 383J Kip Charles,
12. 78 Ray Billet
13. 91 Bud Miller, Knoxdale
14. 37 Joe Kot, DuBois
15. 47 Mike Miller, DuBois
16. 43 Pernell Beimel, St Marys
17. 13 Jamie Barber, Grampian
18. 34 Tim Stice, St. Marys
19. 180 Kenny Taylor, Mt Union
20. 99X Kyle Beimel, St. Marys
21. 18 Mike Hummel, Clearfield
22. 38 Todd Matthews, Sanborn
23. 6 Bobby Connors, DuBois
24. 42 Jason Read, Morrisdale
25. T3 Dominic Surra, Kersey
26. 37A Jim Bloom, Curwensville
27. 75J Jay Blum, Shippenville(DNS)

John Chestnalovich led the Brookville Wood Products/ BWP Bats the late models to the green flag with Erric Moore outside the front row. Chestnalovich led lap one. Eric Moore took the lead on lap 2 and Chestnalovich spun in turn 2 on lap 3. Moore would lead the rest of the way with Luke Hoffner right on his tail. Four minor cautios slowed the field, but every time the green waived Moore would keep Hoffner at bay. The rest of the top five: Derrick Rodkey, Jake Shady and Bob Mcmillen.

Heat Winners: Eric Moore and Rich Wolmeldorf

1. 00 Eric Moore, Frenchville
2. 15 Luke Hoffner,
3. 14R Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills
4. 55H Jake Shady,
5. 50 Bob McMillen, St. Marys
6. 812 John Chesnalavich, Reynoldsville
7. 21A Pete Alspaugh, Russel
8. 2R Rich Womeldorf, Appollo
9. 01 Donnie Connor, Reynoldsville
10. 36 Paul Kot, DuBois
11. 32 Billy Dickson, West Decatur
12. 8W Larry Wingard
13. 78 Brian Molnar, Falls Creek
14. 95 Jim Parsons Bellwood
15. 3D Bill Davis

Scot Hollopeter and Zack Gustafson started on the front row of the Pure Stock Feature.
Hollopeter led the first 6 laps. A lap 7 pass by Brian Rhed included a little contact and sent Hollopeter into Kyle Shannon and both drivers hit the backstrtch fence. Rhe continued to lead until lap eleven when Ben Asel grabbed the lead after starting 13th. Asel would hold off Rhed for his second straight win. Bruce Hartzfeld, Billy Mumau and John Barley rounded out the top five.

Heat winners: Brian Rhed, Ben Asel

7/5 Results:
1. 0 Ben Asel, Kane
2. 69R Brian Rhed, Brockport
3. 101 Bruce Hartzfeld, Stump Creek
4. 70 Billy Mumau, Rossiter
5. 35 John Barley, DuBois
6. 25 Brian Baboige, Falls Creek
7. 79 Rob Molnar, Falls Creek
8. 93 Zach Gustafson, Weedville
9. 53 Francis Gustafson, Weedville
10. K3 Jeff Krach, Falls Creek
11. 88 Scott Hollopeter, Reynoldsville
12. 97 Kyle Shannon,
13. 27 T Aaron Henry, Brockway
14. 92 Jerry Walls, Sykesville
15. 83 Travis Brady, Clearfield

The Miller Brothers Furniture FWD Four cylinders finished the show with new granddaddy Joe Nelson and Randal Bouch on the front row. Nelson led a lap then Dustin Fields led a lap. After that it was the Doug Surra show. A very scary crash happened with three laps to go as Todd English Hit a tire in turn 3 and barrel rolled all the way into turn 4. English rolled violently at least 4 times maybe more. Just as his car came to rest on it’s side in turn 4, the 4B car of Randal Bouch slammed into the underneath of English’s car. Gas spilled every where but the drivers were both able to get out under their own power. Surra would lead the last three laps for the win followed by Mike Lucas, Shawn Fedder, Kenny White and Stephan Bouch.

Heat Winners: Stephan Bouch and Mike Lucas

1. T3 Doug Surra, Kersey
2. 81 Mike Lucas, Centre Hall
3. 38A Shawn Fedder, Cearfield
4. 7K Kenny White, DuBois
5. 09 Stephen Bouch, Reynoldsville
6. 30N Jacob Kline, DuBois
7. 42 Dave Kohler, DuBois
8. 2 Arron Luzier, Brockway
9. 74 Stephanie Lucas, Centre Hall
10. 76 Joe Nelson, DuBois
11. 21 Mark Mcmillen, Brockway
12. 25 Mike Calhoun, Brockway
13. 3P walt Fedder, Curwensville
14. 7-11 Todd English, Clearfield
15. 5F Dustin Fields, Brock port
16. 4B Randall Bouch, Reynoldsville

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