Powell and McCracken Get First Dog Hollow Wins of 08

STRONGSTOWN, PA – Bobby Powell of Waterford and Brennan McCracken of Cherry Tree won the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Model and Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Features, respectively, on Ingram Engines Trophy night.

Repeat wins went to Rick Strong of Home in the Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models, Jim Boyer of Indiana in the Jeff Dick Home Sales Street Stocks and Tim Laughard of Vinco in the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks.

Rick Strong and Dave Day led the late models to the green flag with Strong taking the lead and Rodney Sweitzer in second and third place never being decided until the final lap. As Strong led Sweitzer was on his bumper and couldn¢t quite reel him in. While those two were leading the way Clate Copeman and Shawn McGarvey were swapping third place every lap while Randy Kimmel sat third. As the race ended it was Strong taking his fourth win of the season over Sweitzer, McGarvey, Copeman and Kimmel. The heat wins went to Rick Strong and Randy Kimmel.

The Fastrak late models hit the speedway with Justin Kann taking the lead at the start and Bobby Powell in second. Powell went to the outside to take the lead from Kann on lap three with young Mike Pegher shooting for the lead from his ninth place starting spot. As he was trying to go forward, he had handling problems and kept fading, while Powell worked to keep both Kann and Dan Angelicchio at bay. On the 16th lap, Pegher moved to the inside and then the outside, making both grooves work and moving into second where he set his sights on the leader, but he ran out of time at Powell went on to get the victory. Pegher, Kann, Dan Angelicchio and Ron Smithley completed the top five. Heat wins were split by Bobby Powell and Justin Kann.

Denny Keener beat fellow front row starter Tyley Hite to the first turn at the start of the street stock feature and Joe Kelley moved into second and started challenging each other for position. While they were fighting for the lead Jim Boyer came from the 12th starting spot and took the lead while Keener and Kelley fought for the lead. While Boyer was leading, Kelley and Keener continued to wage their battle for second as they traded the position several times, but when Boby Sullinger waved the checkerd flag it was Boyer winning over Kelley, Keener, Mike Laughard and Adam Fulton. Heat wins went to Jim Boyer and Eric Irvin.

Marshall Detwiler out ran Rich Powell at the start of the pure stock feature and was setting the pace first Powell then Sam McAdams began to challnege Detwiler for the lead. On the 10th lap Tim Laughard moved into the second spot and took the lead from Detwiler as the field exited the fourth turn. Once outfront Laughard went on to win and as the field headed to the checkered flag it was Laughard taking the win and McAdams taking second with Detwiler, Powell and John Mazey completing the top five. Heat wins went to Tim Laughard and Marshall Detwiler.

The four cylinder sidewinders were led to the start with Josh Westlake and Adam Laughard on the front row. It was Westlake taking the lead and Laughard in second then on lap two Brennan McCracken moved into second and set his sights on Westlake. The top two were jocckeying for position as they entered lapped traffic when McCraken took the lead and held off Westlake for the win. The top five were: McCracken, Westlake, Chris Yoder, Laughard and Paul Little. Heat wins went to Brennan McCracken, Paul Little and Jesse Laughard.

DOG TRACKS: 84 cars filled the pits including 15 late models, 15 Fastrak late models, 15 street stocks, 13 pure stocks and 26 four cylinders…coming up this week is the Townsend Gas & Oil ( Homer City ) Trophy Night and a Fastrak late model mechanics Race plus a regular show for the all five divisions. Then on Aug. 27 there will be a Wednesday night practice from 6:30pm to 10 p.m. the pits open at 6:30 p.m. and admission is $20 in the pits and the grandstands are free…Coming up on Aug. 29 is the Frank Mayak memorial Fastrak Northeast racing series plus the late models, street stocks, pure stocks and four cylinders. For more details check out the website at www.dog-hollow.com


Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Rick Strong, Home; 2. Rodney Sweitzer, 3. Shawn McGarvey, 4. Clate Copeman, 5. Randy Kimmel, 6. Bill Krause, 7. Billy Eash, 8. Dave Day, 9. TJ Fleck, 10. Rudy Bassaro, 11. Jim Ivory, 12. Sam Stiffler, 13. Bernie Whiteford, 14. Mike Ziner, 15. Josh Jacoby.

Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Bobby Powell, Waterford, 2. Mike Pegher, 3. Justin Kann, 4. Dan Angelicchio, 5. Ron Smithley, 6. Gary Stahl, 7. Roger Laughlin, 8. John Eckenrod, 9. Bret Cleer, 10. Kirby Tucker, 11. Chris Angelicchio, 12. Joe Zulisky, 13. Joey Valenti, 14. Dave padula, Andrew Wylie.

Jeff Dick Home Sales Street Stocks: 1. Jim Boyer, Indiana; 2. Joe Kelley, 3. Denny Keener, 4. Mike Laughard, 5. Adam Fulton, 6. Eric Irvin, 7. Tyler Hite, 8. Bill Sigafoes, 9. Brad Campbell, 10. Ray Charles, 11. Scott Good, 12. Joe Poraczky, 13. Brad Warrick. Randy Campbell and Dave Galore did not start.

Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks: 1. Tim Laughard, Vinco, 2. Sam McAdams, 3. Marshall Detwiler, 4. Rich Powell, 5. John Mazey, 6. Cory Kilgore, 7. Matt Summers, 8. Mike Silk, 9. Jeremy Shaffer, 10. Nathan Good, 11. Gary Furman Jr., 12. Mike Phillipson, 13. Bob Helsel.

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders: 1. Brennan McCracken, Cherry Tree, 2. Josh Westlake, 3. Chris Yoder, 4. Adam Laughard, 5. Paul Little, 6. David Rocker, 7. Joe Petyak, 8. Jesse Laughard, 9. Matt Weakland, 10. Jeremy Merten, 11. Tom Pavelko, 12. Chris Hickok, 13. Ryan Clacomb, 14. Scott Shirk, 15. Tom Ondro, 16. Wes McKeel, 17. Adam Mathews, 18. Adam Pletcher, 19. Mark Maglet, 20. Lee Fitzpatrick, 21. Mark Wetzel, 22. Stephanie Whiteford, 23. Samantha Harasty, 24. Tyler Laughard, 25. Mark Young, 26. David Masterine Jr.

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