Drum and Hite Get First Ever Dog Hollow Wins

STRONGSTOWN, PA – Hopkins Gas of St. Benedict presented the trophies as two Kyle Drum of Wayland, NY picked up his first Dog Hollow win in the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models and Tyler Hite of Duncansville picked up his career first Jeff Dick Home Sales Street Stock feature.
Repeat winners included Rick Strong of Home won his second Townsend Gas and Oil Late Model feature while Tim Laughard of Vinco won the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stock feature and Merle Bolette won the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinder main.

Shawn McGarvey and Rudy Bassaro led the late models to the green flag, with McGarvey taking the lead and Troy Shields in second with Rick Strong. Strong moved to second on lap three and set his sights on McGarvey. By the fourth lap Strong had moved along of McGarvey and was giving him all the competition he could handle, but by the fifth lap, it was strong in the lead and he was pulling away. Paul Dominick headed to the front and jockeyed with Billy Eash for the third spot. At the checkered flag it was Strong taking his second win of the season with McGarvey, Dominick, Eash and TJ Fleck completing the top five. Shawn McGa rvyey and Dave Satterlee won the heats.

The Fastrak late models were led to the start with Drew Koteles and Gary Stahl with Stahl taking he lead and setting the pace. He was leading the way with new comer Kyle Drum in second. As the race wore on, Drum continued to nip away at Stahls lead before finally moving to the low side of the track. When the inside just would not work, Drum move to the outside and that’s where he made his move on the eighth lap, leading on lap 9. Once out front the had clear sailing and picked up his first ever Dog Hollow feature win. Stahl, Chris Angelicchio, Dan Angelicchio and Roger Laughlin. Heat wins went to Drew Koteles and Dan Angelicchio.

The street stock feature saw Tyler Hite and Denny Keener on the front row with Hite taking the lead and setting the pace. As he was leading the way, second was being challenged by Mike Laughard and Keener, then Jim Boyer joined the fight and they all caught leading Hite.

On lap six Hite went high in turn two and Laughard dove under him, with Hite falling to third. He didn’t give up though and fought back, taking the lead with just two laps to go and holding off Boyer the final two laps for his first ever win. Second was Boyer, Laughard was third, Keener was fourth and John McCann was fifth. Heat wins went to Tyler Hite and Denny Keener.

The pure stock feature saw John Mazey and Tony Daughenbaugh lead the race to the start with a first lap crash sending three to the pits and out for the night. The first lap was led by Mazey with Marshall Detwiler in second and Rich Powell in third. As the race continued the battle for the lead really heated up, with Mazey on the outside, Tim Laughard in the middle and Powell on the inside. The top three were running three wide several times, with Powell taking the lead on lap eight end heading to the checkered flag. Little did the rest of the field know the fight for second would end up being a battle for the lead, with Laughard, Mazey, Jeremy Shaffer and Detwiler all close together and swapping positions, with Laughard coming out second. At the line it was Powell taking the win, until the top five were pumped after the race and Powell was found to be illegal. The revised top five were: Laughard, Mazey, Detwiler, Shaffer and Sam McAdams. Heat wins went to Jeremy Shaffer and John Mazey.

The four cylinder sidewinders hit the track with Tom Pavelko and Jason Bialowas leading the field to the start. It was Bialowas who took the lead and set the early pace with Merle Bolette in second by the third lap from his fourth place starting spot. On lap four Bolette took the lead with Mark Maglet in second and Bialowas third. As the field was working lap eight, Maglet took the lead and continued towards the front checkered flag, but it was Bolette who took the lead again and held off the advances from Jesse Laughard, David Rocker and Matt Weakland at the end to get h is fourth win of the season. The top five were: Bolette, Laughard, Rocker, Weakland and Maglett. Heat wins went to Adam Pletcher, Merle Bolette and Ray Hickok Jr.

DOG TRACKS: 99 teams filled the pits, including 12 late models, 13 Fastrak late models, 13 street stocks, 20 pure stocks and 31 four cylinders…Kids bike races were held at intermission…John and Jeans Auto Sales of Lily will sponsor a five division show this Friday for the late models, Fastrak late models, street stocks, pure stocks and four cylinders, race time is 7:30 p.M.
Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Rick Strong, Home; 2. Shawn McGarvey, 3, Paul Dominick, 4. Billy Eash, 5. TJ Fleck, 6. Troy Shields, 7. Bill Krause, 8. Jim Ivory, 9. Rudy Bassaro, 10. Ben Satterlee. Bernie Whiteford and Dave Satterlee did not start.
Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Kyle Drum, Wayland, NY; 2. Gary Stahl, 3. Chris Angelicchio, 4. Dan Angelicchio, 5. Roger Laughlin, 6. Kirby Tucker, 7. Tommy Kronenwetter; 8. Jeff Enos, 9. Ron Smithley, 10. Drew Koteles, 11. John Eckenrod, 12. Joe Zulisky. Joey Volenti did not start.
Jeff Dick Home Sales Street Stocks: 1. Tyler Hite, Duncansville; 2. Jim Boyer, 3. Mike Laughard, 4. Denny Keener, 5. John McCann, 6. Cory Poraczky, 7. Charlie Trice, 8. Brad Campbell, 9. Randy Campbell, 10. Alex Kirsch, 11. Kyle McFarland, 12. Dave Day Jr., 13. Cbrad Warrick.
Brush Valley Tire Pure=2 0Stocks: 1. Tim Laughard, Vinco; 2. John Mazey, 3. Marshall Detwiler, 4. Jeremy Shaffer, 5. Sam McAdams, 6. Derek Stiffler, 7. Tony Daighenbaugh, 8. Nathan Good, 9. Fred Casagni, 10. Dan Lucas, 11. Mike Silk, 12. Dowray Walylko, 13. Steve Huey, 14. Dave Wells Jr., 15. Mike Phillipson, 16. Bill Horner, 17. Justin Queen, 18. Steve Malich, 19. Bob Helsel.
Rich Powell -Disqualified
Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders: 1. Merle Bolette; 2. Jesse Laughard, 3. David Rocker, 4. Matt Weakland, 5. Mark Maglett, 6. Tom Pavelko, 7. Paul Little, 8. Adam Laughard, 9. Stephanie Whiteford, 10. Mark Young.

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