LTE: Observations from PCN

Does anyone reading this watch the PA House/Senate Floor Debates on PCN? It’s a real eye-opener—an opportunity to see the manner in which you are being represented in Harrisburg.

I happened to catch a session one evening and was thoroughly disgusted by what I witnessed. In a dignified environment where people are addressed as Gentleman and Gentle Lady, our representative had to be warned by the Speaker of the House to watch his language. The proper response would have been to eat a bit of humble pie and offer up an apology; instead, Rep. George arrogantly turned to Mr. Speaker and replied, “JESUS RODE IN ON AN ASS”.

At the groundbreaking for the new ethanol plant, Gov. Rendell used the word “obnoxious” to describe our representative. BINGO! No doubt there are constituents who think that Rep. George’s boorish behavior is appropriate and effective. However, the reactions of his colleagues during that television broadcast clearly indicate that it is neither. It was obvious that they weren’t impressed by Bud George’s potty-mouthed rhetoric.

It’s an election year—time for all voters to reevaluate their reasons for maintaining support of an incumbent. Expedited license or vehicle registrations (easily done online), birthday cards, citations, calendars, picnics, and those giant cardboard checks are like the candy that is tossed from Bud George’s convertible during a parade. While these types of “political candy” are looked upon favorably by many constituents, are they the most important criteria when evaluating the quality of our representation?

I certainly don’t believe that they are, and feel that a conscientious voter must be astute enough to look at the larger picture. There are many issues and concerns that can and should be pondered, including the following:

• The manner in which we are being represented and its effectiveness: Think about the economic condition of Clearfield County… Where has the lion’s share of the growth and development occurred over the past 33 years? The DuBois area – the only part of the county that is NOT in the 74th District.
• Rep. George’s vote in support of the self-indulgent legislative pay raises of 2005, his acceptance of unvouchered expense money, and his proclamation that “I’m going to take it and be glad I got it.”
• Rep. George’s willingness to sell us down the river by voting in support of the tolling of Interstate 80.
• Rep. George’s failure to truthfully disclose freebies from special interests, as required by law.

I conclude with this quote from a recent CDT editorial on infrastructure funding: “Pennsylvanians aren’t stupid—although lawmakers seem to think otherwise (and by returning them to office election after election, we do provide them with corroborating evidence).”

In my opinion, it’s time to quit blindly endorsing the status quo. It’s time for a change. This November, think “R”, and vote for Respectful, Responsible, and Rational Representation.

Brenda Kennedy

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