Four New Drivers Find Victory Lane at Hesston

HESSTON, PA – Four new drivers, including Matt Parks in the limited late models, Mike Heckman in the PA 305 Sprints, Khi Swanger in the street stocks and Terry Norris in the hobby stocks, picked up victory’s on Saturday night at Hesston Speedway.

The late models were led to the start with Tim Smith Jr. on the pole and Derek Byler outside of him as the green waved to turn them loose. Smith took the lead but a multi car crash sent several drivers to the pits for repairs.

On the restart Smith took the lead again with Parks in second and Byler third. Smith continued to set the pace with Parks nipping away at the top spot, then on lap four Parks took the lead and continued to pull away from the field. The battle for second on back was close, with Smith second and Brad Kling looking for the runner up spot. He was able to take second on lap 19 and held on for the runner up spot. The top five at the line included Parks, Kling, Rance Garlock, Byler and Smith. Heat wins went to Brad Kling, Matt Parks and Derek Byler. Scott Palmer was fourth but failed to make weight and was disqualified.

The sprint feature started with a horrifying crash that saw as many as three cars flipping, and possibly four. Roger Irvine and Jim Kennedy led the field to the start as Irvine got turned in front of the field and began flipped down the front stretch. Mark Watkins and Ron Farrer also flipped in the mêlée. The drivers were checked over by members of Williamsburg and Marklesburg Ambulance services and the all refused treatment.

On the complete restart the filed saw another crash when Kennedy spun in the fourth turn and was collected by a host of cars that saw Kennedy, Nathan Gramley,Jim Moffett, Rod Ort and Erin Statler eliminated. No one was injured in the accident.

The third try it finally worked, with Mike Heckman taking the lead at the start and hold on for the win over Andy Haus, Joe Zap, Tom Worrick and Reed Thompson rounding out the top five. Heat wins went to Mark Watkins, Riger Irvine and Mike Heckman.

Khi Swanger and Tom Williams brought the street stock feature to a start with Swanger taking the lead and holding off Williams at first then Bill Henney who tried repeatedly to get past Swanger, but Swanger wasn’t about to relinquish the position and took the win over Henney, Cris Edwards, Jesse Snyder and Chad Parks. Heat wins went to Kenny Taylor and Bill Henney.

The hobby feature saw Chad Gambol and Lou Wannyn lead the field to the start but it was Terry Norris coming from third to lead the first and all laps in the event that saw Wannyn and Carl Snare swap the second and third positions several times with Joe Dearmitt weeding his way through traffic to sit in second wthe two to go sign came out, but it was Norris holding on for the win over Dearmitt, Snare, Josh Berrier and Jake Griffith. Heat wins went to Chad Gambol, Gary Morder and Terry Norris.

PIT NOTES: 77 cars filled the pits including 19 limited late models, 22 305 sprints, 14 street stocks and 22 hobby stocks…one crew member was burned during a radiator incident during the heat races and he was transported to JC Blair Hospital for treatment. Reports were he was treated and released…Coming up this Saturday there will be a regular show for the limited late models, street stocks and hobby stocks with the 305 sprints having the night off then on June 21 the limited late models will be going to $1,000 to win along with a regular show for the PA 305 sprints, the street stocks and hobby stocks…Race time each week is 7 p.m. and more information is on the web site at


Limited Late Models: 1. #15 Matt Parks; 2. #11 Brad Kling; 3. #19 Rance Garlock; 4. #5* Derek Byler; 5. #39 Tim Smith Jr.; 6. #99* Rick Singleton; 7. #50 Jake Griffith; 8. #80E Donnie Hedge; 9. #8S Matt Spanaugle; 10. #8\” Mike Shoemaker; 11. #Tim Snare Jr.; 12. #Maurice Thompson; 13. #5Z Brian Lessley; 14. #8J Jamie Swank; 15. #6 Allen Lemin; 16. #73 Mike Duck; 17. #88 Berry Welch; 18. #55 Tom Barron

Disqualified: Scott Palmer

PA 305 Sprints: 1. #8H Michael Heckman; 2. #76 Andy Haus; 3. #33Z Joe Zap; 4. #47 Tom Worrick; 5. #R6 Reed Thompson; 6. #11 Mike Freet; 7. #84 Cliff Conner; 8. #30 Jonathan Henney; 9. #71 Nicole Bittner; 10. #22 Jim Marquette; 11. #27K Alan Kumpf; 12. #12 Roger Irvine; 13. #7 Jim Kennedy; 14. #23 Nathan Gramley; 15. #36 Rod Ort; 16. #68M Jim Moffett; 17. #17W Mark Watkins; 18. #24/7 Ben Naugle; 19. #2 Erin Statler; 20. #52 Ron Farrar

DNS #1 Brian Sweitzer and #89 D.J. Holland

Street Stocks: 1. #88 Khi Swanger; 2. #50 Bill Henney; 3. #66 Cris Edwards; 4. #22 Jesse Snyder; 5. #3 Chad Parks; 6. #W8 Wayne Irvin; 7. #45 Tim Brindle; 8. #110 Dave Brown; 9. #25 Brad Long; 10. #32 Dale Claycomb; 11. #8 Tom Williams; 12. #87 Eric Irvin; 13. #180 Kenny Taylor
DNS #9 Randy Wible

Hobby Stocks: 1. #73 Terry Norris; 2. #21 Joe Dearmitt; 3. #66 Carl Snare; 4. #15 Josh Berrier; 5. #10 Jake Gongloff; 6. #1 Gary Morder; 7. #84 Damion Miller; 8. #D16 Daren Desch; 9. #22S Mark Snyder; 10. #4S Shawn Waite; 11. #14 Bobby Witters; 12. #8\” Jeff Shoemaker; 13. #88 Kyle Grove; 14. #35 Dallas Runk; 15. #13 Chad Gambol; 16. #18 Tom Dearmitt; 17. #77 Lou Wannyn; 18. #88JR Brian Weyandt Jr; 19. #17C Chris Chaney

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