Racers Crawl Past Finish Line in Diaper Derby

CLEARFIELD – The second year of the returned diaper derby awoke to speedy and not so speedy starts at the River Front festival. The derby was spread over three tiers based on racer’s ages: up to eight months, nine to fifteen months and sixteen to twenty four months old.

One adult releases the toddler as another member of the toddler’s “pit crew” attempts to bribe the child with from items ranging from food to a cellphone.

Anything that could prod the child along was allowed short of dragging.

“I think it was a great success,” said Dawn Walls, Clearfield Riverfront Festival committee member.

With 20 participants spread out over the three divisions, plus family members attending, participation was higher than the previous year.

The winners of the different brackets:
8 Months and Younger
-Caspian December Lipper, First Place 
-Cash Diehl, Second Place
Nine to Fifteen Months 
-Carla Conklin, First Place
-Ava Ianaro, Second Place
-Gabrielle Henry, Third Place
Sixteen to Twenty-Four months
-Mathew Rowles
-Nathaniel Stewart
-Jacob Rumfola

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