Math Options Answers that Question

DUBOIS – Seventh-grade girls from 15 area school districts recently visited Penn State DuBois, where they learned to apply mathematics to a variety of real-world situations.

Organized by faculty and staff members at Penn State DuBois, Math Options is aimed at young women in seventh grade because “Seventh grade is a critical age when girls start to loose interest in Math,” said Assistant Professor of Education, Pam Hufnagel. “Programs like this have been proven to help hold that interest. By completing a rigorous math curriculum in high school, girls are well-positioned to pursue scientific and technical degrees in post-secondary education.”

The girls attended workshops instructed by women who work in a variety of professions that deal with mathematics or science on a regular basis. They learned about the application of math skills in fields like marketing, wildlife forensics, pharmaceuticals, occupational therapy, and computer-related information fields.

“We try to get them interested in the careers so they realize that if they stick with math, it could lead to a great career,” Hufnagel said. “These are often careers the kids might not even know about.”

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