Provider Appreciation Day to be Celebrated Friday

CLEARFIELD – Provider Appreciation Day is an annual event celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day that began in 1996, to call attention to the importance of quality child care and the individuals who provide the care.

Child care workers are generally subjected to long hours, low wages, and high levels of stress. However, they are a vital part to most industries who would suffer if employees did not have reliable, quality child care, on a daily basis.

Child Care Information Services of Clearfield County encourages all parents of small children enrolled in a child care facility or program of any type, to take some extra time today to acknowledge the important part your provider plays in your family’s life and how special they are.

For information on child care or help locating a child care facility in Clearfield County, you can contact the local CCIS office at 765-1546 or 1-800-442-5807.

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