McMillen Takes Opening Win at Hummingbird

Reynoldsville– 114 cars were on hand at Hummingbird Speedway Saturday night to take the opening green flag of the season. Warm temperatures also brought a huge crowd. The rain in the forecast never had an impact and a great opening night of racing followed.

The evening got underway with the Prontock Beer Rear Wheel Drive 4 Cylinders. Don Henry sat on the pole with Bill McMillen Sr. on the outside of the front row. McMillen Sr. and Henry waged a fierce battle for the lead throughout the race. A three car pile up in turn 2 on the third lap eliminated the cars of Adam Nixon, Orin Taylor, and Snuffy Smith. McMillen Sr was twice able to get by Henry for the lead only to have a caution fly to wipe out the lap. Henry held off McMillen Sr. until 2 laps left when McMillen Sr. made the pass out of turn two. Bill McMillen Sr. held off Henry the rest of the way to take the checkered flag. Henry followed close behind for second then Kyle Parson, Mike Anderson, and Nick Erskine rounded out the top five. Adam Nixon, Snuffy Smith and Bill Washek picked up heat victories.

Next on the track were the Street Stocks. Fuzzy Fields had the pole with Dan Smeal starting on the outside. For the second race in a row the front row was dominant. Fields led the first five laps with Smeal and Bill Huntington nipping at his heels. Smeal took the lead off turn four on lap 5 and led the final 15 laps. Fields was right there knocking at the door but Smeal wouldn’t budge. Dan Smeal took the checkers for his first feature of the year with Fields and Huntington wrapping up the top three. Huntington was 6 pounds light and was disqualified making three through five finishers Jeff Mease, Bob Rosman and last years points champ Gary Little.

With low clouds hanging over the speedway the BWP Limited Late Models thundered on to the track. Jerry Redden led them to the green with defending points champ Dave Shagla Jr on the outside. Shagla wasted little time taking first on the outside on lap number 1. Redden held second until lap 10 when a hard charging Luke Hoffner coming from the sixth starting position went by and set his sights on Shagla. Hoffner continued to shadow Shagla in what was some great racing. Finally on lap 22 Hoffner squeezed by on the inside in 3 and 4 to take the lead. Shagla tried to get the lead back in turn one but spun out to bring out the caution. During the caution Shagla was black flagged and sent to the pits for the night. On the ensuing green Hoffner pulled to the outside and the field went by. Hot Rod Phillips was right there to take advantage and led the final two laps for the victory. Eric Moore, Rod Phillips and Todd Baumgardner were the heat winners

The Pure Stock feature was led on the track by the young Zack Gustafson in what had to be a thrill for the young man. Bruce Hartzfeld was on the outside. Hartzfeld passed Gustafson on the outside in 1 and 2 to take the lead. That lasted one lap as Brian Rhed and Ben Asel took over the second third spots respectively. Rhed passed Hatrzfeld on lap four with Asel taking over 2nd on lap 5. Rhed was able to hold off Asel the rest of the war to claim the win. On the scales Asel was light and disqualified making the final order of finish Rhed, Hartzfeld, John Barley, Kyle Shannon and Jeff Krach. Krach, Rhed, and Asel picked up the heat wins.

The final feature of the night was the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders. Ryan Kemmer led the field to the green. Dave Kohler started outside the front row and wasted no time taking the lead with an outside pass in turns 1 and 2. Dustin Fields moved up from the 5th starting spot to run second on lap 1. The most heart stopping action of the night came on lap number 3 as Mike Calhoun flipped it in turn 4 coming to rest right at the start of the front stretch. Safety crews rushed to the car as the red flag waived over the speedway. Moments later Calhoun popped out of the car uninjured as the crowd cheered. The aftermath of parts and pieces strewn about turn four resulted in a lengthy clean up. When racing resumed, Dave Kohler’s number 42 led the rest of the way with Dustin Fields, Fred Day, Ray Hickok Jr, and the 17m rounding out the top 5. Kohler, Chris Hickok, Todd English, Ryan Kemmer and Dustin Fields picked up heat wins with Cory Silvis getting the win in the consey.


BWP BATS LIMITED LATE MODELS: 1. Rod Phillips; 2. Pete Alspaugh; 3. Denny Fenton; 4; Luke Hoffner; 5. John Brady; 6. Eric Moore; 7. Donnie Connor; 8. Dave Shagla; 9. Brian Molnar; 10. Bob McMillen; 11. Todd Baumgardner; 12. Jerry Redden; 13. Dwayne Brooks; 14. Keith Witherite; 15. Burton Fingado; 16. John Hannifin; 17. Chuck Kennedy; 18. Rich Womeldorf; 19. Jim Rozum; DNS – Paul Kot

STREET STOCKS: 1. Dan Smeal; 2. Fuzzy Fields; 3. Jeff Mease; 4. Bob Rosman; 5. Gary Little; 6. Dale Yeaney; 7. Joe Kot; 8. Tim Bish; 9. Pernell Beimel; 10. Mike Hummel; 11. Neil Wilson Jr; 12. Ron Mitchell; 13. Dan Gill; 14. James Handyside Sr; 15. Chad OBrien; 16. Austin Roy; DQ – Bill Huntington

PRONTOCK DISTRIBUTING FOUR CYLINDERS: 1. Bill McMillen Sr; 2. Don Henry; 3. Kyle Parson; 4. Mike Anderson; 5. Nick Erskine; 6. Bill Washek; 7. Joe Malobicky Jr; 8. Randy Albert; 9. Bobby Battaglia; 10. Brandon Weidow; 11. Scott “Snuffy” Smith; 12. George Bailey; 13. Alan Barnett; 14. Adam Nixon; 15. Orin Taylor; 16. Kie Brown. DNS – Bob Ralston Jr, Paul Metz, David Weidow

PURE STOCKS: 1. Brian Rhed; 2. Bruce Hartzfeld; 3. John Barley; 4. Kyle Shannon; 5. Jeff Krach; 6. Alan Trunzo; 7. Zach Gustafson; 8. Rob Molnar; 9. Steve Barnes; 10. Robin Welsh; 11. Francis Gustafson; 12. Kyle Llewellyn; 13. Travis Brady; 14. Jerry Walls; 15. Billy Mumau; 16. Ray Reed; DQ – Ben Asel; DNS – Mike Donahue

FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE FOUR-CYLINDERS: 1. Dave Kohler; 2. Dustin Fields; 3. Fred Day; 4. Ray Hickok Jr; 5. Brennan McCracken; 6. Shawn Fedder; 7. Aaron Luzier; 8. Chris Woodel; 9. Scott Buffington; 10. Mike Lucas; 11. Brittany Bouch; 12. Walt Fedder; 13. Randall Bouch; 14. Tim Bish; 15. Todd English; 16. Bryan Buffington; 17. Chris Hickok; 18. Cory Silvis; 19. Mike Calhoun; 20. Stephanie Bouch; 21. Chuck White; 22. Stephanie Lucas; 23. Ryan Kemmer; 24. Josh Fields; DNQ – car #2; Chuck Erskine; Jody Frantz; Jeremy Mertens; Tony DeBoey; Mark McMillen; Bill Webber; Tom Pavelko; Joe Nelson; Eric McCall; Josh Frantz; John Campisano; Jessica Brooks; car #2K

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