LTE: A Bright Future for Curwensville and All Who Live Here

We in Curwensville look to the future for our young people. The new state of the art, high tech ethanol plant will afford the opportunity for Curwensville graduates, if they are willing, to get the education needed to run this plant and return to their hometown. The industrial development authority has worked many long hours to convince Sunnyside to invest $305,000,000 in Curwensville.

The Citizens of Curwensville are always concerned with the safety our our children, It is an insult by a few purveyors of fear and profit of doom and gloom to suggest that the members of the development authority would put any of our children in harm’s way. I would like the purveyor of fear and the profit of doom and gloom to answer the following questions: Do you have a degree in environmental sciences from a reputable college? Do you have a research degree in biosciences? Do you have a medical degree in medical research? Have you attended the meeting Sunnyside had to answer your concerns?

If the purveyors of fear and the profit of doom and gloom are successful in driving the plant out of Curwensville it will be the last nail in our coffin.

There will be no new jobs for our youth. Home values will plunge, the tax base will probably be reduced as people move for work. The borough’s financial problems will increase. The police force will be eliminated. The school, for lack of funds, will need to cancel electives like art and band. The volunteer fire company will have fewer members. The community center will close for lack of donation. Eventually the population of the school will be reduced and the school may need to merge with Clearfield.

The purveyors of fear and the profit of doom and gloom may win but our hometown will be destroyed.

Now is the time for those in favor of this state of the art, high tech plant to be built in our community to speak up. Please don’t sit on your hands and watch our town die.

Joe Wills

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