LTE: Questioning the Local Justice System

I am a registered Democrat, have resided in Central PA all my life and in Clearfield County for the past two years. I do not know either Mr. Walker or Mr. Shaw, but I do know politics. By his actions, D.A. William Shaw has unfortunately shown us that the Clearfield County D.A.’s office operates at the direction of the local Political Players, as opposed to operating as an arm of the Court. The trust the we as a people have in our local Government and especially in the Local Justice system in general has been broken today. ALL Clearfield County Government Employees and the Clearfield County Justice system should be embarrassed.

If the charges are in fact warranted, they should be pressed forward against Mr. Walker. However, I feel the probability they end up in a conviction is doubtful. The timing of the charges speaks loudly that Justice in Clearfield County is easily manipulated and obviously for sale. I believe the actions by Mr. Shaw warrants investigation by the President Judge of Clearfield County or the state Attorney General’s Office. And yes, I do realize by making my opinion public, I also will now need to worry if the political players will pull the strings of D.A.’s attention in my direction.

I had not seriously considered voting for Mr. Walker if he was still in the race at the time of the general election. However, now that I am aware of the mentality of the organization trying to defeat his election, it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t support him? I urge all Republicans to think about this when they go to the polls next Tuesday.

Matt Milliron

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