LTE: Dioxins and Heavy Metals are Unacceptable

In a recent article, Mr. Wright suggested that Dioxins and Heavy Metals were acceptable compounds for humans and the environment so long as the permitted levels were “low”. I would strongly suggest to this gentleman that he research the impacts of Dioxins and Heavy Metals and then do some research about the contamination that results when industries have “events” and “releases” that far exceed their air and water pollution permit levels.

What guarantees have been negotiated with this proposed plant to assure that NO accidental releases/events will occur? By the way, that would be impossible to guarantee. Who will pay the healthcare costs for this extra pollution burden to your city? How can you place a “price” on the illness and premature deaths that will occur because this company is there rather than another company that is not emitting dioxins and heavy metals? Will this company provide extra assistance to the families with high-risk pregnancies and children born with learning disabilities due to the presence of these heavy metals in the environment?

When considering the TOTAL impact of any industry, these are the very real issues that must be addressed. In Midland, Michigan we have been dealing with massive contamination issues from the industry located here. The fact that a company can be fined for exceeding their limits in their Air and Water Pollution Permits does absolutely nothing to make the problems in our environment and our bodies go away. Whose child will suffer and die prematurely because this company will locate in your city? Will it be yours or your best friend’s wife that dies prematurely?

Suzette Zelenak RN, BSN
Midland, MI

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