LTE: PLCB Laws Need Updated

I Feel the PLCB Needs to let the supermarkets & convenience stores sell beer and wine to make our state more competitive with other states and offer more selection and markets to the consumers and make purchase prices more practical or the consumer whether the beer distributors like it or not. They have held a monopoly over beer sales and pricing increases too many years now. They are pricing the working man out of purchasing a beverage at a price within the regional hourly wage range in the central PA region. Our outdated PLCB monopoly doesn’t aid the consumer either. There are too many layers of beer distributors handling beer making prices much too high for the consumer.

If the PLCB permits SMALL GAMES OF CHANCE for the not for profit clubs and service organizations, then too, consideration should be given licensed liquor establishments to have the same privileges as well as video gambling if the state is licensing casino’s.There should also be licensing other than SMALL GAMES of Chance to those businesses and open the competition and revenue to the state and let the control fall under the gaming commission and remove the law and control now under the PLCB as far of enforcement or vice-versa.

Tommy Wingard

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