LTE: Hello from Sunnyside Ethanol

To the Editor:

Sunnyside Ethanol, LLC, a subsidiary of Consus Ethanol, LLC, looks forward to being an excellent neighbor and corporate citizen in Curwensville. We have labored diligently to permit our project to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the various permitting agencies. These agencies include the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, United States Army Core of Engineers, and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

We have received the full support from Governor Edward G. Rendell and Secretary of the DEP, Kathleen McGinty for the environmental benefits that our project will bring to the Commonwealth. We have worked closely with Representative Camille “Bud” George, Congressman John Peterson, the County Commissioners and the Borough Council to assure them that our project will meet the highest of industry standards for safety and environmental stewardship. Representative George has assured us that he will be watching us closely to ensure that the needs and concerns of Curwensville’s citizens will be met.

Sunnyside will be hiring 60 to 70 employees from the local area to staff our plant. We will train those employees to achieve the skill set required to operate the plant and provide a generous benefits package for a long-term commitment to employment. We expect that a significant amount of additional jobs and positive economic impact will directly result from our plant’s operating activities in Curwensville. Our project will also bring significant tax revenues to the local community to support both the school system and the Borough.

In addition, we will be working very closely with the Curwensville Fire Department, Curwensville Police Department, and all the Borough entities to ensure that they have the information, training and equipment necessary to respond to any and all safety related issues for our project.

We look forward to being excellent, long-term neighbors and corporate citizens and believe that our project will have a very positive impact on Curwensville.

Eric Wallace
Sunnyside Ethanol LLC

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