LTE: On the War in Iraq

My husband and I visited relatives in Tyrone for Easter. One of which is serving in the U.S. Army.

We were discussing the Iraq situation. He said, “The people of this country do not realize the seriousness of what would happen to the United States if government pulled our troops out of Iraq all at once. The terrorists would then come here as they are out to kill as many Americans as they can.

If terrorists came here, you would see our armed troops and tanks on the streets trying to protect us.”

Is this what you want?

There have not been any wars fought on our soil since the Civil War. People do not realize the devastation and affect it would have. In order for terrorists to stay out of our country, they must be fought over there.

John Murtha, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do not realize what a grave mistake it would be as well as other democrats who want our troops home this year or as quickly as we can get them home.

No one likes wars. The United States should never have invaded Iraq. It was unconstitutional, but now there, the job must be finished before bringing them all home.

Our military generals should be listened to, not called liars, as they know war and how to fight a war and what needs to be done; not politicians. If politicians would stay out of it and let the military do its job, it might be over sooner.

We need a leader as Command-in-Chief who knows about wars, what it is all about, what needs to be done, who has served in the military, not grandstand politicians who never served or knows anything about it or wars.

I blame the media for all the hatred over this war as they only give the negative and bad news, never the good things our men and women have done for these people. No wonder people have been turned against the war and all this hatred.

Edith M. Barber

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