LTE: In Support of Clearfield Borough Council

In regards to the recent letter to the editor from Christy Fulton, I wish to voice my support of the actions of Clearfield Borough Council, the Clearfield Police Department and F. Cortez Bell III. Yes one of the mayors’ duties is to oversee the operations of the police department but it is the duty of Chief Rhone and his officers to provide top quality protection to the residents of Clearfield Borough. If they deem it necessary to increase security within the station then so be it. To my knowledge Mayor Gilliland has no background in criminal justice so why this action should offend her is beyond me, she should be backing the wishes of her police department.

Clearfield is no longer the “Mayberry” that it was 50 years ago; it is a small town with city problems. It is easy to second guess the actions of a police officer if you don’t take the time to learn what they are really up against.

I applaud the action of our elected officials for making the police station as secure as it can be.

John M. Williams
Clearfield Borough Tax Payer

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